BLOG As car enthusiasts, the MyAirbags team gets excited when we see projects like Kevin Erickson's 1972 Plymouth Satellite EV muscle car conversion. Since we rebuild safety parts for crashed Teslas and most other vehicle makes, we are always on the [...]

Most people use seatbelts every day without thinking about them or asking the question: "How Do Seatbelts Work?" While we understand basic seatbelt function, the technology has evolved in recent years to include a device called "pretensioners". As the name suggests, pretensioners are designed [...]

Custom Color Seat Belts Webbing Replacement Service That's Painless! Posted On: 08/30/2022 | Author: Kayla Wilson Some People Change Their Hair Color... Motorheads Get Custom Color Seat Belts! Custom color seat belts are even less time consuming and expensive to obtain than a hair [...]