Audi Volkswagen Error Code 65535

Categories: Airbag Codes

If you drive an Audi or a VW, you are likely to come across error code 65535 at some point during the life of the vehicle. So, 65535 is a tricky and very famous code when it comes down VW’s and Audi’s. The main reason because it’s caused by a wide variety of reasons, making it difficult to single out the exact problem.

Code Caused by Cold Weather

A lot of people get this code during the colder months where condensation from the heat box creates a “data corruption code” to be stored. The heat box is in very close proximity to the airbag module. This is just one reason for 65535.

Other Causes of 65535 Error Code

There’s also a variety of other strange reasons that cause a “data corruption code” 65535 such as jumping a car battery to something simple as applying a scan tool too long to the vehicle.

Replace Not Repair

When people contact us about this error code we always recommend that they do not send the control module in for a reset. Even though we can successfully reset this code, there is just no telling when it can return. Some customers go months while others just a few minutes before the light and the dreaded 65535 trouble code returns. So since a reset is essentially a “band-aid” on the problem, we don’t recommend the reset we offer. A more long-term solution would be a replacement of the unit. We can check our stock to see if we have a replacement in stock if we can get the part number off the top of the module.

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