Where is My Airbag Module Located? MyAirbags Can Complete Your Airbag Module Reset

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MyAirbags strives to provide the simplest way to perform airbag module resets for drivers in need. While we take care of the diagnostic tests and repair services, we task our customers with pulling their own airbag control module to save time and money. Once you have purchased the service through our online store, you will simply need to follow our shipping instructions. Our team will receive the airbag module and provide fast turnarounds, shipping your product back to you within 24 hours. This process can save you big when it comes to airbag module replacements through a dealership.

If your airbag light is on following an accident then you will need to get your control module reset. Keep reading to learn more about how to find and remove your airbag control module, and feel free to browse our site to see how fast and affordable all of our repair services can be. We look forward to helping you!

How to Remove Your Airbag Control Module

Proper instructions are needed to ensure that you are safe while removing and installing your airbag module. Follow our process below for a fast and effective return:

  1. Remove power — Before touching your airbag module, ensure that the ignition is turned to the OFF position. Then disconnect the batteries and wait for at least three minutes. This is because the air bag can still deploy up to three minutes after the power is removed.
  2. Locate the computer module — While the location varies from vehicle to vehicle, most airbag control modules can be found under the center console in between the two front seats, or on the center of the dash on the floor. In certain vehicles (such as GM), this module may be found under one of the two seats.
  3. Unplug the harness wiring plugs — Once you find the airbag module, carefully disconnect it and unbolt the housing.
  4. Package it and ship it — Place your module in a sturdy box with a piece of paper containing your name, return address, and phone number. 

Not sure where your airbag module is? Input your vehicle make and model into our location menu for pinpoint assistance. 

Installing Your Repaired Module

Once you receive your part, it is important to carefully reinstall it. First, check and make sure that your air bags, seat belts, impact sensors, and clock spring are all in place before reinstalling the airbag module.

  1. Disconnect the battery — Cut the power to your vehicle and wait three minutes. Be sure that your vehicle is parked flat on the ground and not suspended via a jack or lift.
  2. Bolt down the module —  You can now install the airbag module and connect the harness wiring plugs. Be sure to deploy the bolts before connecting the plug.
  3. Reconnect the battery — Reconnect the cables and turn your vehicle on. Once the vehicle goes through its startup, you should be able to drive as normal without an airbag light in the console.

A Module of Many Names

One important fact to remember is that your airbag control module may go by an array of titles. This essential component has many interchangeable names, including:

  • Airbag module
  • Airbag Electronic Crash Unit (ECU)
  • Restraint Control Module (RCM)
  • Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) module
  • SRS Control Module (SRSCM)
  • Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC)
  • And more

Precision Matters!

The accuracy of your airbag repair will determine whether or not your vehicle is safe moving forward. We strongly recommend sending in your SRS airbag module for service following an accident or if the airbag light will not go away. If your airbag control module needs to be replaced, it is vital to check that the part number of your replacement matches the original module. You may think that your 98 Tacoma can work with modules from different years or models, but a precise match must be present to keep you and your passengers safe!

Note: MyAirbags does carry airbag control modules that are available to ship, but new replacements will require programming at a local dealership.

Benefit From Our Airbag Module Resets

MyAirbags will service your air bag module and reset all fault codes. This process ensures that your part returns in working condition and that you won’t have to take it to your local dealership for programming. You’ll receive your original part in ideal condition, which is better than new!

We guarantee the part will work or you’ll receive your money back. MyAirbags is here to repair or reset your current vehicle parts to save you hundreds. Our team specializes in services such as seat belt repairs, ABS module repairs, airbag resets, and more. If you’re ready to get started, be sure to purchase our airbag module reset with your specific make and model and follow our instructions, or contact us online for complete assistance!