Buying an Auction Vehicle: Problems and Solutions!

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These days it is pretty easy to buy a vehicle at an auction, even when you don’t have a dealer’s license.  This is an affordable option for many people to purchase a vehicle and get some extra car for your money! Many dealers already get their inventory from Auctions, and though it can seem a mysterious and even cut-throat business here are some problems and pitfalls that we come across on a weekly basis that we can help with.

Cluster Issues: Not Lit Up, Mileage Error

A cluster issue shouldn’t be an automatic reason to pass over a vehicle that you are interested in. It is actually very common for Instrument Clusters to have some type of issue arise during the life of the vehicle, but it can also be a quick and inexpensive fix. If you find a used vehicle at an auction that has an issue with the instrument cluster you can give us a call at 888-779-9029 with the Year, make, and Model. One of our experts will be able to let you know if the vehicle you’re interested in is one of the many we offer a service for.  MyAirbags can help with Cluster Repairs (Gauges, lights, display), and mileage correction.

Airbag Light is On with No Sign of an Accident

If you find a car that you are interested in with an airbag light on, it may be a little tricky to solve, but still shouldn’t be a deal breaker. It is very likely that you will be purchasing the vehicle before you are able to fully get to the bottom of the issue.  Often, the vehicle has been partially repaired but a belt/buckle may have been missed or the airbag module was not reset.  Using a scan tool to read airbag codes is the first step in getting this resolved because you can quickly tell which part still needs to be reset or repaired – then call our friendly Team for pricing and ‘How To’s’. You don’t have to be an expert mechanic to diagnose this problem as MyAirbags has many instructional videos to help you through each step of the process.

Another issue that we sometimes see is that the module has been replaced, but with an incorrect part.  This can cause you far more difficulty in trying to scan the vehicle as the codes won’t make any sense!  Be aware, and get the part number from the dealer with your VIN, then compare to the number on your module.

24-hour Help at MyAirbags

At an auction outside of our regular business hours? You can also search for your vehicle on our website or chat with our friendly Bot Bob and have him search for you! Our website has a tool to lookup the location of your module by Year, Make and Model. In the event that your part number doesn’t match give us a call to see if we have the right part. The only thing we can’t do is the VIN matching – programming to your vehicle is done at the dealer.

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Our experts at MyAirbags provide top quality auto part repair services to customers across the United States. Our national mail-in service and local drop-off and pickup service both offer 24-hour turnaround times for most repair and reset services, and we back-up our quality workmanship with a lifetime guarantee.

How MyAirbags Can Help

  • Airbag module reset
  • Seat belt and Buckle Repair
  • Some availability of used modules