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There are many possible causes. Help. My Airbag light is on. We get that a lot. The team at MyAirbags helps people deal with this issue every day. Actually, it's how we came to name our company "MyAirbags". A series of questions usually follows. How can the airbag light be on if my [...]

That is a great question! We have full bench testing facilities, with all necessary wiring and schematic diagrams, so we can fully test your unit before returning it back to you. All of our Senior Technicians are IPC Certified. When we first receive the part, it is powered up and goes thru [...]

We will use original manufacture or upgraded components. Some old manufacturer components can become obsolete and have defects. We don't just replace defective parts. We go to the root of the problem and use new upgraded parts to ensure the issue is solved. Every repair done through MyAirbags [...]

Crash-Active Headrest We offer repair & return service of your active headrest, that is activated at the time of a rear-end collision. Crash-Active Headrests can be found in: Chrysler, Infiniti, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota     BMW Models found in: BMW E90 3 Series 2012 BMW [...]