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There are many possible causes. Help. My Airbag light is on. We get that a lot. The team at MyAirbags helps people deal with this issue every day. Actually, it's how we came to name our company "MyAirbags". A series of questions usually follows. How can the airbag light be on if my [...]

Airbag Locations Knee Airbags Driver and Front Passenger Airbags Roof Rail Airbags Front-Row Side Impact Airbags Second-Row Side Airbags For Airbag Control Module Location (use this link) FrontalĀ airbags are mounted in the steering wheel for the driver and in the front [...]

If your vehicle was NOT in an accident It just turned on The light randomly came on If the airbag light in your vehicle just turned on without an accident, there may be an issue with the airbag system computer, or there may be a bad component within the airbag system. If your vehicle [...]