Category: Collapsible Steering Column Sensor

That is a great question! We have full bench testing facilities, with all necessary wiring and schematic diagrams, so we can fully test your unit before returning it back to you. All of our Senior Technicians are IPC Certified. When we first receive the part, it is powered up and goes thru [...]

We will use original manufacture or upgraded components. Some old manufacturer components can become obsolete and have defects. We don't just replace defective parts. We go to the root of the problem and use new upgraded parts to ensure the issue is solved. Every repair done through MyAirbags [...]

A bad collapsible steering column will not look any different from a good one. In a bad sensor the internal components are blown/damaged and the sensor needs to be replaced. The only way to know if yours is good or bad is to pull codes to see if you get the code for a collapsible steering [...]