General Motors Car Factory DTC Code Definitions

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P1106MAP Sensor Intermittent Voltage High
P1107MAP Sensor Intermittent Voltage Low
P1108BARO To MAP Signal Comparison Too High
P1111IAT Sensor Intermittent Voltage High
P1112IAT Sensor Intermittent Voltage Low (Ex. Catera) Intake Plenum Switchover Valve Control (Catera)
P1113Intake Resonance Switchover Valve Control
P1114ECT Sensor Intermittent Voltage Low
P1115ECT Sensor Intermittent Voltage High
P1120TP Sensor 1
P1121TP Sensor Intermittent Voltage High
P1122TP Sensor Intermittent Voltage Low
P1125APP System
P1133HO2S/O2S Insufficient Switching Sensor 1 Or Bank 1 Sensor l
P1134HO2S Transition Time Ratio Bank 1 Sensor 1
P1137HO2S Low Voltage During Power Enrichment Sensor 2
P1138HO2S Low Voltage During Decal Cut Off Sensor 2
P1139HO2S Insufficient Switching Bank 1 Sensor 2
P1140HO2S Transition Time Ratio Bank 1 Sensor 2
P1141Heater Bank 1 Sensor 1
P1153HO2S Insufficient Switching Bank 2 Sensor 1
P1154HO2S Transition Time Ratio Bank 2 Sensor 1
P1161Heater Bank 1 Sensor 2
P1171Fuel System Lean During Acceleration
P1187Engine Oil Temperature Sensor Voltage Low
P1188Engine Oil Temperature Sensor Voltage High
P1189Engine Oil Pressure Switch
P1191Intake Air Duct Leak
P1200Injector Control
P1214Injection Pump Timing Offset
P1216Fuel Solenoid Response Time Too Short
P1217Fuel Solenoid Response Time Too Long
P1218Injection Pump Calibration
P1220TP Sensor 2
P1221TP Sensor 1, 2 Performance
P1222Injector Control Intermittent
P1250EFE Heater
P1257Supercharger System Overboost
P1258Engine Metal Over Temperature Protection, Fuel Disabled
P1271APP Sensor No. 1-2
P1275Boost Control Condition (Ex. Corvette) APP Sensor 1 (97-02 Corvette and Catera)
P1276APP Sensor 1 Performance
P1280APP Sensor 2
P1281APP Sensor 2 Performance
P1285APP Sensor 3
P1286APP Sensor 3 Performance
P1300Ignition Control Module
P1320ICM 4X Reference Too Many Pulses or Intermittent No Pulses
P1323ICM 24X Reference Low Frequency
P1336CKP System Variation Not Learned
P1345CKP Sensor/CMP Correlation
P1350Ignition Control System
P1351Ignition Control Voltage High or IC 1 High Voltage
P1352Bypass Open Or Voltage High or IC 2 High Voltage
P1353IC 3 High Voltage
P1354IC 4 High Voltage
P1355IC 5 High Voltage
P1356IC 6 High Voltage
P1359Ignition Coil Group 1 Control
P1360Ignition Coil Group 2 Control
P1361IC Not Toggling Ignition Control Voltage Low or IC 1 Low Voltage
P1362Bypass Shorted Or Low Voltage or IC 2 Low Voltage
P1363IC 3 Low Voltage
P1364IC 4 Low Voltage
P1365IC 5 Low Voltage
P1366IC 6 Low Voltage
P1370ICM 4X Reference Too Many Pulses
P1371ICM 4X Reference Too Few Pulses or Distributor Ignition Low Resolution
P1372IC System Occasional Resync
P13743X Reference
P1375ICM 24X Reference Voltage Too High
P1376Ignition Ground
P1377IC Cam Pulse To 4X Reference Pulse Comparison
P1380ABS/EBCM/EBCM DTC Detected/Rough Road Data Unusable
P1361Misfire Detected No EBCM/EB(T)CM/PCM Serial Data
P1403EGR Error
P1404EGR Valve Closed Pintle Position, EGR Valve Stuck Or Performance
P1405EGR Error
P1406EGR Valve Pintle Position
P1408MAP Sensor
P1409EGR Vacuum System Leak
P1410Fuel Tank Pressure System
P1415AIR System Bank 1
P1416AIR System Bank 2
P1431Fuel Level Sensor 2 Performance
P1432Fuel Level Sensor 2 Voltage Low
P1433Fuel Level Sensor 2 Voltage High
P1441EVAP System Flow During Non-Purge
P1442EVAP Vacuum Switch
P1450BARD Sensor
P1451BARO Sensor
P1460Cooling Fan (Ex.Catera). Misfire Detected With Low Fuel (Catera)
P1483Engine Cooling System Performance
P1500Starter Signal
P1501Theft Deterrent System
P1502Theft Deterrent System No Password Received
P1503Theft Deterrent System Password Improper
P1508IAC System Low RPM
P1509IAC System High RPM
P1510Back-Up Power Supply for Throttle Control System
P1511Throttle Control System, Backup System Performance
P1514TAC System MAF Performance
P1515Command vs. Actual Throttle Position Performance
P1516Command vs. Actual Throttle Position Performance
P1517TAC Module Processor
P1518PCM To TAC Module Serial Data
P1519TAC Module Internal
P1520Park/Neutral Position Switch Gear Indicator System
P1523TAC Return Performance
P1524TP Sensor Learned Closed Throttle Angle Degrees Out Of Range
P1526TP Sensor Learn Not Completed
P1527Trans Range/Pressure Switch Comparison
P1530Ignition Timing Adj. Switch, A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor
P1532A/C Evaporator Temperature Voltage Low
P1533A/C Low Side Temperature Sensor
P1535A/C High Side Temperature Sensor
P1536A/C System ECT Over Temperature
P1537A/C Request Voltage Low
P1538A/C Request Voltage High
P1539A/C High Pressure Switch Voltage High
P1540A/C System High Pressure
P1542A/C System High Pressure/High Temperature
P1543A/C System Performance
P1545A/C Clutch Relay Control
P1546A/C Clutch Relay Control Voltage Low
P1550Stepper Motor Speed Control
P1554Speed Control Status
P1558Speed Control (SPS Low)
P1560Speed Control System/Transaxle Not In Drive
P1561Speed Control Vent Solenoid
P1562Speed Control Vacuum Solenoid
P1564Speed Control System/Vehicle Acceleration Too High
P1565Speed Control Servo Position Sensor
P1566Speed Control System/Engine RPM Too High
P1567Speed Control Switches/ABCS Active
P1568Speed Control (SPS High)
P1570Speed Control System/Traction Control Active
P1571TCS Desired Torque/Traction Control System PWM No Frequency
P1572Traction Control System Active Voltage Low Too Long
P1573PCM/EBTCM Serial Data or Engine Hot Lamp Control
P1574EBTCM System/Stop Lamp 2 Voltage High or Stop Lamp Control (Corvette)
P1575Extended Travel Brake Switch Voltage High
P1576Brake Booster Vacuum Sensor Voltage High
P1577Brake Booster Vacuum Sensor Voltage Low
P1578Brake Booster Vacuum Sensor Low Vacuum
P1579Park/Neutral To Drive/Reverse At High Throttle Angle
P1585Cruise Control Inhibit Control
P1599Engine Stall Or Near Stall Detected
P1600PCM Battery or Serial Communication Between PCM and TCM
P1601Loss Of Serial Communication
P1602Loss Of EBC/EBTCM Serial Data, KS Module (Catera)
P1603Loss Of SDM Serial Data
P1604Loss Of IPC Serial Data
P1605Loss Of HVAC Serial Data
P1610Loss Of Serial Data, Failure With Body module CKT
P1611Loss Of CVRTD Serial Data
P1612Loss Of IPM Serial Data
P1613Loss Of DIM Serial Data
P1614Loss Of RIM Serial Data
P1615Loss Of VTD Serial Data
P1617Engine Oil Level Switch
P1619Engine Oil Life Monitor Reset
P1621PCM Memory Performance, VCM EEPROM Performance
P1623PROM Error
P1624Customer Snapshot Requested, Data Available
P1626Theft Deterrent System Fuel Enable
P1627A/D Performance
P1629Theft Deterrent System Fuel Enable Improper Signal
P1630Theft Deterrent System/PCM/VCM In Learn Mode
P1631Theft Deterrent System Password Improper
P1632Theft Deterrent System Fuel Disabled
P1633Ignition Supplemental Power Voltage Low
P1634Ignition 1 Power Voltage Low
P16355 Volt Reference (A Or 1 )
P1637Alternator L Terminal
P1638Alternator F Terminal
P16395 Volt Reference (B Or 2)
P1640Driver 1 Input Voltage High
P1641MIL Control or Fan Control Relay 1 Control Circuit
P1642Vehicle Speed Output or Fan Control Relay 2 and 3 Control
P1643Fuel Pump PWM Control
P1644Delivered Torque Output
P1645Boost Control Solenoid or EVAP Solenoid Output
P1646Boost Control Solenoid Control or EVAP Vent Valve Output
P1650Driver 2 Input Voltage High
P1651Fan 1 Relay Control
P1652Fan 2 Relay Control
P1653TCS Delivered Torque Control, Oil Level Lamp, EGR Vent Solenoid Control
P1654A/C Relay Control
P1655EVAP Purge Solenoid Control or EGR Solenoid Control (1999-up)
P1656Wastegate Solenoid Control
P1657Skip Shift 1-4 Upshift
P1660Cooling Fan Control
P1661MIL Control
P1662Speed Control Inhibit Control
P1663Alternator Lamp Control
P1664Skip Shift 1-4 Upshift Lamp Control
P1665EBCM/EBTCM Serial Data (1996-97), EVAP Vent Valve Control (98-up)
P1667Reverse Inhibitor Solenoid Control or Fuel Pump Speed Control (98-up
P1670QDM 4 (Quad Driver Transistor)
P1671MIL Control or Oil Change Lamp Control
P1672Low Engine Oil Level Lamp
P1673Engine Hot Lamp Control
P1674Tachometer Control
P1675EVAP Vent Solenoid Control
P1676EVAP Canister Purge Solenoid Control
P1689TCS Delivered Torque Control
P1700MIL Requested By TCM
P1701MIL Request
P1740Torque Management Request, Transmission and Traction Control
P1810ATF Pressure Manual Valve Position Switch
P1811Long Shift and Max Adapt
P1812TOT Condition
P1814Torque Converter Overstress
P1820Internal Mode Switch A Low
P1822Internal Mode Switch B High
P1823Internal Mode Switch P Low
P1825Internal Mode Switch-Invalid Range
P1826Internal Mode Switch C High
P1845Torque Limit Management
P1660TCC PWM Solenoid
P1864TCC Enable Solenoid
P1870Trans Component Slipping
P1887TCC Release Switch Fault
U1000No Class 2 Communication ID Not Learned
U1016Serial Communication Fault
U1026Loss Of Active Transfer Case Control Module Communications
U1040Loss Of ECBM Communication (ABS)
U1041Loss Of Vehicle Theft Deterrent Communication or Loss Of ECBM Communication
U1056Loss Of Communication With RTD
U1064Loss Of BCM, BFC and General Loss Of Serial Data Line Class 2 Communication
U1088Loss Of SDM
U1096Loss Of PC Data Line Class 2 Communication or loss of IPC
U1128Loss Of Communication With IRC or Radio
U1152Loss Of Data HCM
U1153Loss Of Communication w/HVAC
U1160Loss Of Communication With left door control module
U1161Loss Of Right hand Front Door Module Bus Serial Data
U1162Loss Of Left hand Rear Door Module Bus Serial Data
U1163Loss Of Right hand Rear Door Module Bus Serial Data
U1166Loss Of Communication With SCM
U1169Loss Of Communication w/MMM
U1170Loss Of Left hand Front (driver’s) Door Switch Assembly Bus Serial Data
U1176Loss Of Communication With RFA
U1192Loss Of Vehicle Theft Deterrent Electronic Variable Communication
U1193Loss Ot Vehicle Immobilizer Module Communication
U1255Serial Data Line Class 2 Initialization Error
U1300Class 2 Communications Circuit Low Voltage or short to ground
U1301Class 2 Communications Circuit High Voltage or short to power
U2150Serial Data
U2151Serial Data
U2153Internal Fault