Looking For More Than Airbag Module Resets? MyAirbags Can Help!

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Welcome to MyAirbags! For years, satisfied customers have relied on our company for fast, effective, and affordable repairs to their vehicle’s vital components. Our team strives to provide ideal alternatives to expensive dealership part replacements. Instead, we repair your part at the source of the problem to deliver long-lasting results you can trust. Not only is our service very cost-effective, but it is also 100% guaranteed to work, or your money back!

Your vehicle may only have one issue popping up (like that ABS light) or it may hold a to-do list of repairs. In any case, MyAirbags is here to help! Today, we’ll spend some time highlighting a few of our most popular equipment repair services, as well as the how-to on how our program works. Be sure to browse our site to find the part you need, and remember to search by vehicle make, model, and year for ideal results!

Airbag Module Resets

Whether you were recently involved in an accident or you accidentally hit the curb outside your home, the activation of your airbag light means you probably need to reset your airbag control module. Instead of going to your dealership for costly services, you can turn instead to MyAirbags for complete satisfaction. Our team specializes in airbag module repairs, and will be able to restore your original parts, saving you time and money in the process. Check out our airbag module reset service for only $49, and be sure to buy today to get the process started!

Seat Belt Repairs

Safety is vital on the road, which is why MyAirbags offers high-quality seat belt repairs to keep you and your loved ones safe. Our team offers a number of services, including pretensioner repairs, column sensor repairs, replacement seat belt webbing, and more. For less than $100, you can achieve complete peace of mind as you drive.

ABS Module Repairs

Your brake control module provides an essential part of stopping in a fast and safe manner. When something goes wrong, you’ll notice the difference! MyAirbags specializes in ABS module repair services to restore your anti-brake system back to perfect condition. We’ll get to the root of the problem to ensure that your issues do not return. Our service is fast, affordable, and effective enough to garner our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Instrument Cluster Rebuilds

Your odometer may no longer count the miles, or your speedometer may be faulty. In some cases, drivers may have issues with their fuel gauge or tachometer working at all. Others may not even be able to see their instrument cluster at all! No matter the issue, you can achieve peace of mind as your drive with instrument cluster repairs from proven professionals!

MyAirbags offers a single price point for most vehicle models, delivering ideal repairs that are sure to brighten your driving experience. Repairing your original instrument cluster means that the component will not need to be coded to your VIN, and the odometer reading will remain unchanged. MyAirbags will utilize replacement parts that are better than the originals. Browse our instrument cluster rebuild services by vehicle to save money on your repair!

Climate Control Rebuilds

No matter where you live, it is essential to have a vehicle with working climate control. Vehicles that do not produce the heating or cooling needed on the road can lead to unwanted results. MyAirbags has the equipment and training to quickly repair your climate control system. We offer one-day turnarounds and super-low prices to ensure that you are satisfied with the results!

Car Screen Repairs

Whether it’s that digital clock that no longer works or the overhead compass and temperature control, your vehicle’s display screens may not work correctly. Here at MyAirbags, we know how nice it is to rely on a fully functioning vehicle, which is why we offer car screen repairs at super-low costs. You can search our products to find which product you need (center panel, rear-view mirrors, and more), and then buy the needed service to get the process started. You’ll receive your screen in working condition in the shortest amount of time with a full warranty — What’s not to love?

Engine Control Repairs

Our simple, fast, and effective module repairs can be utilized for a variety of components, including:

  • Engine Control Modules (ECMs)
  • Powertrain Control Modules (PCMs)
  • Transmission Control Modules (TCMs)
  • European Modules

No matter the malfunction, our team is here to deliver ideal results at a fraction of the cost of your local repair shop or dealership.

Vehicle Mileage Corrections

Regardless of the cause, your vehicle may be ailing from an incorrect odometer reading. MyAirbags can fix that, too! Our team will fully diagnose the issue and deliver an accurate mileage correction for your car or truck. Keep in mind that this service is perfectly legal, but you will have to inform potential buyers of the repairs!

How Does it Work?

The true beauty of our services comes from the simplicity of our process. MyAirbags can help you find high-quality vehicle repairs in four simple steps:

  1. You make your purchase. You can browse our site to find the service you need.
  2. Remove the broken component from your car. You can follow our how-to guides to safely remove your control module.
  3. Ship it to us. Include your name, information, and the purchase receipt in a box and ship it to us.
  4. Put the repaired component back in. After 24 hours from receipt, our team will repair and send the module or component back to you for re-installation.

Ready to get started? Browse our site to find the service you need, or contact us for additional assistance. We look forward to helping you!