Precautions for SRS Air Bag and Seat Belt Pretensioner

If you are repairing the safety features in your vehicle; such as the SRS Airbag Module or the Seat Belt Pretensioner, you need to make sure that you are careful and safe during the repairs. These tips for Safety Precautions to take during the repairs could help save you or your vehicle from avoidable damage.

SRS Air Bag and Seat Belt Pretensioner Safety Tips

Failure to follow this instruction may result in the accidental deployment of these modules, which increases the risk of serious personal injury or death.

  • Never probe the electrical connectors on the airbag, side air curtain modules or seat belts.
  • Never disassemble or tamper with safety belt buckle/retractor pretensioners, adaptive load limiting retractors, safety belt inflators, or probe the electrical connectors.
  • Do not use electrical test equipment to check SRS circuits unless instructed to in this Service Manual.
  • Before servicing the SRS, turn ignition switch OFF, disconnect both battery cables and wait at least 3 minutes. For approximately 3 minutes after the cables are removed, it is still possible for the airbag and seat belt pre-tensioner to deploy. Therefore, do not work on any SRS connectors or wires until at least 3 minutes have passed.

Remember, if you ever have any questions during your repairs, you can contact the expert technicians at MyAirbags or check out our instructional videos!

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