SRS Airbag Control Module Reset

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With the many lights that make up the dashboard of your vehicle, it can be quite easy to ignore an airbag light that is on. While an airbag light could mean nothing other than a minor glitch, it could also mean that, in the event of an accident, your airbags may not deploy. Therefore, airbag lights that are turned on should most definitely be taken seriously, as the risk of driving for both the driver and passengers may significantly increase. So, why is your airbag light staying on? If your vehicle has experienced even a minor accident, the fault codes will be stored in the SRS module, which will result in your airbag light being turned on. This is due to the fact that airbag control modules store hard and soft codes that are caused by accidents. These “crash codes” are usually the reason why the airbag light will turn on and stay on. Luckily, with MyAirbags, you can send your original srs airbag control module to us for a reset for $49 and avoid having to purchase brand new parts from an expensive dealership that are sold between $150 – $680 depending on the vehicle. New srs airbag control module need to be additionally programmed to your vehicle.

This is what an airbag control module looks like

Why Use MyAirbags?

At MyAirbags, we reset all airbag fault codes and clear the crash codes also known as crash data that is stored inside the srs airbag control module, which controls SRS Supplemental Restraint System. We are able to reset and reprogram all airbag control modules, other than those that have been involved in a flood, fire damage. This service is quite beneficial to you in that you will not have to then take your vehicle to the dealership for additional programming. We will use your original parts so as to save you hundreds, as opposed to an expensive dealership. You can trust that your airbag module will be reset and returned to you as good as new. Since MyAirbags uses the original module, you will not need to code the module to your vehicle VIN, since it is the original module from your vehicle. Also, check your seat belts to see if they working properly and are not locked. After an accident seat belt pretensioners are designed to lock and pull the passenger closer to the seat. Seat belt pretensioners will need to be repaired after an accident. MyAibags offers a dealership alternative to buying new seat belts and by having your seat belts repaired/rebuilt for $75 instead of purchasing a new seat belt that usually costs between $210 – $350 per seat belts. MyAirbags will save you hundreds of dollars!

When it comes to your safety, MyAirbags does not take chances. Whether it be a mere faulty glitch or a more pressing issue, we ask that you put your safety first! Send your airbag control module to MyAirbags for top notch service and high-quality repairs. You will not be disappointed with the results of our repair, reuse, and recycle system that will get you back on the road again, safely, in no time!

Save time and money at MyAirbags with our professional airbag control module reset, 100% guaranteed or your money back. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact MyAirbags at 888-779-9029 or visit our website for more information