SRS Airbag Light On?

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SRS Airbag Light On?

Common Customer Questions:

  • It just turned on
  • The light randomly came on
  • My vehicle was in an accident

If you know your vehicle was in an accident, then MyAirbags can absolutely help you and reset your airbag module. We provide Reset & Return service to reset airbag control modules.

If your vehicle was in an accident, we recommend that you send your original module to us for reset to avoid additional trip to the dealer for coding. Most of the late model cars will have partial VIN stored in the airbag control module.

If your vehicle has NOT been involved in an accident.

  1. We recommend that you have your vehicle scanned by a body shop to see what code you have.
  2. If they tell you that the airbag module is bad and not because of an accident then we do provide replacement srs airbag control modules.
  3. We recommend that you use the part number that is on top of your module to locate replacement module. When you purchase a used or new airbag control module it may need to be programmed/configured to your vehicle.
  4. Search our OEM SRS Airbag Modules Ready To Ship

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