Top 5 Airbag Light Questions

When the airbag light is on in your vehicle, it indicates that the airbag module must be repaired. However, there are a variety of reasons why your vehicle’s airbag light may turn on. Our skilled technicians at MyAirbags provide high-quality airbag module reset services for customers nationwide. Listed below are the top 5 questions and answers our technicians hear when a vehicle’s airbag light is on.

1. Why is My Airbag Light On?

If you know your vehicle was in an accident, then MyAirbags can absolutely help you and reset your airbag module. We provide nationwide service through our mail-in program as well as a local drop-off and pick-up service to reset airbag modules.

If your vehicle has NOT been involved in an accident, we recommend you watch our video and have your module scanned by a body shop tech before mailing your airbag module to us.

2. Why Did the Airbag Light Just Turn On One Day?

If the airbag light in your vehicle just turned on without an accident, there may be an issue with the airbag system computer, or there may be a bad component of the airbag system. If your vehicle has NOT been involved in an accident, we recommend you watch the accompanying tips and tech video and have your module scanned by a body shop tech before mailing your airbag module to us.

If you find by watching this video or if the body shop tech scans and finds the fault in the airbag component, we recommend sending the airbag module to our metro Atlanta facility, where our auto repair technicians will restore it to its factory settings. When you receive your module back from us there are a few distinctly important rules you must follow:

  • The repaired module MUST GO BACK INTO THE SAME VEHICLE IT WAS INSTALLED IN.  Airbag modules are identified to a specific car, just the same as you, the customer is to the address of your house…for instance, if you hop over to your neighbor’s house for an extended stay and expect your mail to get to you there, you’re probably going to have a few problems.
  • Install all Airbag SRS components (except the module itself) and reconnect them properly first. SRS Installation components include airbags, all seat belts, the clock spring, impact sensors, and fuses.
  • Disconnect your vehicle battery. Failure to follow this step usually results in permanent damage to the airbag module.  The BATTERY MUST BE DISCONNECTED prior to reconnecting your module.
  • Once the battery is disconnected, your module MUST BE securely reinstalled and bolted down tightly.  “Securely” is defined here as completely fastened i.e. with the use of tools: wrench, ratchet wrench or torque wrench (the key is: beyond hand threaded).
  • Lastly, connect the wiring harness plugs to the airbag module and reconnect the battery.

If the vehicle hasn’t been in an accident and the airbag light turns on it usually means there is a connection issue with the seatbelt, the airbag, or the impact sensor, or that one of these components needs to be replaced.

3. Should I Send the Airbag Module for Reset or Buy Used?

Our auto repair experts at MyAirbags recommend resetting your vehicle’s airbag module if the vehicle has been involved in an accident. Resetting the airbag module diminishes the need for any additional programming, and when properly installed into a working system, the airbag light will turn off.

When you get the module back from us it has been factory reset and is exactly like new and is a good module, free from all hard codes and soft codes. If your airbag light is still on after reinstalling correctly, then there is a problem with one of the connections or bad airbags, seat belts, clock spring and/or impact sensors and there would be a soft code stored in the module identifying the issue.

4. Does MyAirbags Sell Replacement Airbag Modules?

MyAirbags does sell replacement airbag computer modules. Customers who are in need of replacement airbag computer modules can call 888-779-9029 to speak with our highly-trained customer service tech representatives or you can go online and search for your airbag module here. The same airbag module part number you’d need to talk with our representatives is the same number you place in our “search by vehicle” web feature.

When calling to order a replacement airbag computer module, please be prepared to give our customer service tech representatives the original module part number. Once we have the original module part number, we will be able to verify if we have the module in stock to sell you a replacement airbag computer module.

5. What if I’ve Already Purchased a New or Used Airbag Module Replacement?

We advise our customers to compare the part numbers of their replacement airbag computer module to the vehicle’s original module; if the part numbers do not match, it is unlikely that the airbag module will work in the vehicle. Also, remember: the airbag module MUST BE FOR THE SAME VEHICLE IT CAME FROM.  If for instance, the module is for a 2008 Honda Accord, the replacement must be for 2008 Honda Accord. Once the replacement airbag module has been correctly installed in the vehicle the airbag light may still turn on.

Again, for the reasons detailed above, you need to verify that you have followed the correct steps and that other parts were not from a flood-damaged vehicle.  However, if you have done everything else successfully, the airbag module may need to be reprogrammed for the specific VIN of your car by that manufacturer’s dealership.  This is why we always recommend that customers send in their original modules from their vehicles.  Each module is coded for the VIN of the automobile it is in.

Contact MyAirbags for Reliable Answers to Airbag Light Questions

Our experts at MyAirbags provide top quality airbag module reset services to customers across the United States. Our national mail-in service and local drop-off and pickup service both offer 24-hour turnaround times for most airbag module reset services, and we back-up our quality workmanship with a 100% Money Back guarantee.


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