Understanding Your Car’s Curtain Airbags

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You have a great car full of amazing safety features and surrounded by many types of airbags, but do you know exactly why you need a variety of airbags to keep you safe? Of course, your car has a driver’s airbag that usually deploys from the steering wheel, but what about curtain airbags? Some people may not realize how great of an invention curtain airbags really is. Curtain airbags, also known as side-impact airbags, are safety devices installed in the doors of some cars to help keep you safe in the event of a side impact collision. Curtain airbags generally deploy from the top of the vehicle along the door rails and cover the windows, similar to a curtain. This type of airbag is designed to protect your head if an accident were to occur.

What Curtain Airbags Do

Side-impact, or curtain airbags, are a key safety feature to protect the driver and passengers in the event of a crash. Because they deploy between the top and bottom of any side door windows, curtain airbags help protect riders from the car frame and windows during a side impact crash, or if the car were to roll. These curtain airbags help to reduce auto accident-related fatalities by up to 40 percent, creating a cushion between passengers’ heads and the frame of the vehicle.

How Curtain Airbags Work

Sensors around the outside of every vehicle send messages to the airbag module if a collision occurs. If the sensors along the side of your vehicle are impacted, they send an alert that triggers the curtain airbags to deploy. Curtain airbags deploy within a fraction of a second, protecting passengers’ heads, shoulders, and sides from the force of the impact.

Do All Vehicles Have Curtain Airbags?

Side-impact airbags are not required by the NHTSA, but many car manufacturers install them in newer models. To know if your car has curtain airbags, consult your owner’s manual.

What to Do If Your Curtain Airbags Deploy in a Crash

If you’ve recently been involved in a crash in which your side-impact airbags deployed, your airbag module needs to be reset and your airbags will need to be replaced. Many dealerships will recommend that you fully replace your airbag module, but with MyAirbags, you can reset your airbag module to work like new for a fraction of the cost. Simply send your airbag module to MyAirbags.com and our expert technicians will reset, test and send it back within 24 hours of receiving it. If you live in the metro Atlanta area, you can also bring your module by our convenient Bufurd repair shop.

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