What Does an Airbag Warning Light Mean?

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Although airbags are one of the most important safety features of a vehicle, there are many who are unfazed when their airbag warning light is on. In fact, most people will allow their vehicle to go uninspected for quite a while, even as the warning light glares out at them from their dashboard. This is due to the fact that few people are fully aware of the meaning and significance of an airbag warning light. Once you have an understanding of what this light actually means, you will know how important it is to have your vehicle inspected when you see this light in order to ensure both your safety and the passenger safety while operating a vehicle.

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How Does an Airbag Light Work?

You may notice after starting your engine that the dashboard lights will turn on for a few seconds before turning off. This happens when the car’s computer system is running a check to ensure that your vehicle’s systems are operating correctly. If all is working as intended, the dashboard lights, including the airbag warning light, will switch off after the test is complete. However, if the airbag warning light stays on, your car’s computer is signaling that it has detected an issue with the airbag system.

What Does an Airbag Light Mean?

Since the airbag system is one component of the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), the airbag warning light could be referring to an issue with the airbags or the seat belts. The sensors located under the seats are also part of the SRS and are intended to detect if there is a person occupying that seat. This is important to ensure that an airbag does not unnecessarily go off for a seat that is not occupied. In other words, if the airbag warning light is on, it may be signaling an issue with either the seat belts, the seat sensors, or the airbags themselves.

What to Do If You Have an Airbag Warning Light

Now that you understand what the airbag warning light means, you may be wondering what to do if the light stays on. As safety is of the utmost importance while driving, it is crucial to have your vehicle inspected and repaired immediately after you see the airbag warning light turn on.

However, there are a few ways that you can try to fix the issue before bringing your vehicle to a shop you trust.

  • One component you can check is the seat belt buckle to see if there is an object interfering with the seat belt sensor.
  • You may also tug sharply on the seat belts to ensure that they are not stuck, which could also be causing the airbag light to stay on.
  • You may check underneath the seats to see if any wires or connectors have become disconnected.

While these tricks turn your airbag light off, you should never take your airbag unit apart to inspect it, as this could result in serious injury or death due to the airbag’s explosive charge. If the airbag warning light stays on, you will have to take it to a body or auto repair shop to have the SRS system scanned and/or inspected.

What Do I Do After My Airbag Light Came on After an Accident?

If your vehicle was in an accident, then the airbag light will be on because the SRS airbag control module will store crash history and crash codes. Send your airbag control module to MyAirbags for reset instead of purchasing a new or used airbag control module to save time and money. New airbag control modules can cost between $350-$650. If you do buy a new airbag control module, it will need to be programmed to your vehicle’s VIN and configuration. With a repair from MyAirbags, it is still your airbag and it is still coded to your vehicle.

Check your seat belts to make sure they are working. Seat belts will permanently lock during an accident, which means they will need to be replaced or rebuilt.  MyAirbags can also rebuild your seat belts at the fraction of the cost of new seat belts. Send your airbag module along with your seat belts to save a lot of time and money!

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