Where are airbags located in my car/truck?

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Airbag Locations

  1. Knee Airbags
  2. Driver and Front Passenger Airbags
  3. Roof Rail Airbags
  4. Front-Row Side Impact Airbags
  5. Second-Row Side Airbags

For Airbag Control Module Location (use this link)

Frontal airbags are mounted in the steering wheel for the
driver and in the front instrument panel for the front passenger

Knee airbags are located in the lower are of the instrument
panel in front of both driver and passenger seats

Door mounted airbags are located in the front doors on
both sides of the vehicle

Seat mounted airbags are located in the outboard side of
the seats for the driver, font passenger and rear passenger in some vehicles.
There may also be a Front Center Airbag mounted on the inboard side of the driver
seat on some vehicles

Roof rail airbags are located behind the trim covering
the roof rails on each side of the vehicle

Pretensioners are part of the safety belt system for the
driver and front passenger of many vehicles. Some vehicles may have more then
one pretensioner at a given seat position.

  • Retractor pretensioner may be in the B-pillar or in the seat.
  • Buckle pretensioner are attached to the inboard side of the front seat.
  • Anchor pretensioners are usually attached to the outboard side of the front
    seat, or they may be attached to the floor, nex to the outboard side of the
    front seat.

In crashes of sufficient severity, these systems initiate the tightening of the
seat belt in split second.

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