You Can Repair and Reset Your Own ABS Module With MyAirbags

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This year, many drivers will look down at their dashboard only to discover that their ABS light is on. These drivers take their vehicles into their local dealerships only to be told that their ABS module is bad. This can be a serious concern, as the anti-lock braking system’s (ABS) processor works as the diagnostic center for your vehicle, inspecting data ranging from the wheel-speed of your vehicle to the braking speed in order to provide additional control in the event of heavy braking to prevent locking up and subsequently skidding.

Instead of replacing your ABS control module, you can save money and time while reducing waste by sending it in to MyAirbags. Our company specializes in airbag module resets, ABS module repairs, buckles and seat belt replacements, and more. We strive to provide fast, simple, and affordable results for every make and model.

Keep reading to see how simple DIY ABS module repairs (with our help) can be. Need help? Check our “How It Works” page answers, and contact us online for professional assistance!

You Remove Your ABS Module and Send It to Us

We’ll do the technical work, but you will be required to first remove your ABS module. This component is normally located in the front corner of the engine compartment on the driver’s side. If you can’t find it easily, be sure to follow your hard brake lines, which are attached to the module.

Disconnect the battery and wiring, followed by the bolts. Once this is done, gently remove the ABS module and ship it to MyAirbags for service. If you need to drive your vehicle during this time, you can choose to do so, just keep in mind that the safety features of your anti-lock braking system will not be present!

The MyAirbags Team Gets to Work

Instead of taking your vehicle to the dealership to pay upwards of $1,000 (based on vehicle make and model), you can ship your ABS module to us for repairs. For $149, the MyAirbags team will find the root of the problem within your ABS module, repairing it to ensure the problem does not occur again. We’ll service your system and thoroughly test it for reliability. MyAirbags provides a 100% guarantee on all of our products and services, meaning we’ll solve your problem or we’ll give your money back.

We Send the Part Back to You

Once everything passes through our quality check, we send the ABS module back to you. Our IPC-certified technicians will be able to repair, test, and return your components within 24 hours. Upon receiving your newly repaired system, you can simply reattach it to your car or truck and hit the road. Since this is your vehicle’s original part, no re-programming is needed. MyAirbags also provides a lifetime warranty on your ABS module repair, so you can hit the road with confidence.

Do It Yourself (With Our Help) and Save!

Repairing your ABS module can provide a range of benefits, including safety advantages while driving, protecting your battery from dying, and more. MyAirbags specializes in airbag module resets, but our specialists are happy to provide quality ABS module repairs for drivers in need, often at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and take on this project? Purchase your ABS module repair today, or contact us online for complete assistance before shipping your component. We look forward to helping you reduce, reuse, and repair for a quality outcome!